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I currently work on Malmö University and we use a system called It’s Learning for course management and it is often a hassel. So me and a friend Ali decided to make a chrome plugin that improves the It’s Learning website a bit. Please feel free to check it out at    

Back in Champoluc

Finally back in good old Champoluc, it is great to be home :). Have not been skiing anything yet. Did not wanted to pay full price for a skipass (it is halfprice if you work in Champoluc) . Have looked for some extra work and tomorrow I am going to wash the dishes at Le… Read more »


It have been awfully dead here on the blog as you might have noticed. Been working a lot on Malmö university with teaching programming in .Net, java and helping out on a couple of other courses. Have been fun and I have been enjoying myselfe so been a bit to busy to write here. I… Read more »