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Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows – Part 1 installing Git

This is first part in the “Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows” series. For part 4 – configuring php click here. For part 3 – configuring apache and installing composer click here. For part 2 – installing xampp click here. I remember chatting on IRC with Tobias Sjösten (@tobiassjosten) one of the founders of… Read more »

Symfony2 and .gitignore

*Updated 29th october 2012* Here are the settings i use for my .gitignore in a symfony project. Generic ignores: ## generic files to ignore *~ *.lock *.DS_Store *.swp *.out IDE files are personal and not interesting for other people: ## IDE files to ignore nbproject/ .idea/ *.tmproj Symfony specific ignore files: # Symfony files to… Read more »


As I mentioned in the post below I am starting up a new project. Seems like Git is the way to go now days :). Git is a distributed version control system but I do not really trust myselfe so I decided to find an online service to sync with. Finding a service for open… Read more »