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Symfony2 and Timestampable example

To add Timestampable behaviour you need to add DoctrineExtentions to your app see my previous post Symfony2 and DoctrineExtensions for information of how to do that. You need to add the following in the top of the Entity use Gedmo\Mapping\Annotation as Gedmo; and then you can use it like this in your entity: /** * @var… Read more »

Symfony2 and DoctrineExtensions

To add commonly used behaviors to Symfony 2 (eg Doctrine 2) you need to add DoctrineExtentions to your application. DoctrineExtensions adds the following behaviour to Doctrine 2: Tree – this extension automates the tree handling process and adds some tree specific functions on repository. (closure or nestedset) Translatable – gives you a very handy solution for translating records… Read more »