Cave adventure

Me and Lars found a “cave” today… and we decided to explore the lairs under Champoluc. Luckely we came back alive and we will some day in the future tell our story . So check back soon for the movie of our adventure in the deep abyss, where something was lost.. and something where found…

Photos champoluc 2007

Well now the winter season is over so I have posted some photos taken by Johan Rot for your enjoyment. Hope to see all of you nice people again next year!

UPDATE: Redesign of my homepage.. The pictures is not online at the moment.

Wow finally an update

Finally I changed the boring “Check back later” message. I recently bought a 15″ Mac-Book Pro… It rocks… So at the moment I am trying out iWeb (Apples software for making webpages) and It looks really nice. So who knows.. We might see some more updates to the site in the future! Live long and prosper!