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Windows 8 – First impressions

So… I have installed windows 8 and this is my first thoughts about it. Positive: Great search abilities Great speed Uses less resources than windows 7 Negative: Focus on touch screens. I think this will get many people

Install Windows without USB or DVD drive from OSX

I have an old macbook pro and the DVD drive is  broken and since it is an old mac it is not happy about  booting from USB drives. Found this great post that helped me install Windows 8. So that solved the installation… now I am working on getting the hardware to work 🙂

Change Language in Windows

Borrowed a computer from a friend to use for a couple of months. This app changed my life :). Did you buy a Windows laptop from abroad and want it to talk to you in your mother tongue? Try Vistalizator – this tool allows you to change display language in Windows editions other than (officially… Read more »

Non destructive resizing of partitions on OsX

Find the name of the disk you want to resize by typing: diskutil list /dev/disk0 #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER 0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *160.0 GB   disk0 1:                        EFI                         209.7 MB   disk0s1 2:                  Apple_HFS Hugin                   159.7 GB   disk0s2 In my case i wanted to resize the disk0s2 for to have some room for another partition Ok lets… Read more »