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Watch US an UK streaming for free

Just discovered a nice free way to watch US and UK streaming video. So check out works for most major sites (no netflix). Now I only need a way to watch Swedish streaming sites for free from Italy.

Wallander – Steget efter

Wallander is a classic detective character in sweden, the books are written by Henning Mankell. They all are classic, well registered movies with very good acting in. So if you want a good detective story you can never go wrong with an Wallander movie. For more information have a look at imdb. If you want to download… Read more »

The Onion Movie

If you have not heard or experienced the onion… I suggest that you head over to their site and have a look. They are the best suppliers of fake news ever. A lot of  their fake stories have made it into the normal news in all the world. They are childish, stupid, have a lot… Read more »

Irene Huss – Tatuerad Torso

I do not normally like detective stories. This is a typical detective story, with not that many changes. First and most important the main person is a woman. That is basicly what put this story apart from others. Do not get me wrong….. It is still a good detective story..