Hello All!!

My name is Mikael Ohlsson and am a swede/norwegian living in Trelleborg in Sweden. Used to live in Champoluc in the Aosta Valley in Italy. I am a software developer working alot with Amazon Aws, Ci, WebOps(?) and software development (mostly .Net). I that used to run an travel agency together with my friends Lars and Kenn runs a travel agency called Champoluc Adventures. On these pages I share programming thingies, useful tools, movie reviews and more (mostly useless stuff). I love lifehacks, productivity tools, tips and tricks in life  and in development

I update this blog very infrequently so….. do not keep your breath.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. cordoval

    hi thanks for your sf2 posts so far good

    the captcha does not show on your posts so no wonder why you are not getting good comments

    please also send me the css modification you did for the colors for sf2 colors on wp-code-prettifier, i just did install the plugin but will have to work for the colors

    http://www.craftitonline.com i was using another plugin and got the colors right but I like the round corners and space too, wonder if we can work something out together.


  2. cordoval

    just decided not to use the plugin you used but I got inspired to tweak my plugin css to match the round corners that way i don’t loose my flexibility to other features. Thanks!

  3. cordoval

    what plugin are you using for the facebook and stuff? I only have twitter not sure howto add google plus too. great posts man!

  4. Catherine

    We would like to collaborate with you!Can you please email for complete details? Thank you.

  5. Ray Stoeckicht

    Subject: Open source app

    I found your website and noticed that you have a solid technical background. Wanted to pass along an open source project that you might find interesting. Zurmo is a highly sophisticated open source CRM project that is written in PHP utilizing JQuery, Yii, and RedBeanPHP and relies heavily on test driven development.

    Right now, we have 1000+ unit tests running across eight server configurations. It would be incredibly helpful to get your technical feedback and recommendations so that we can improve the application. Take a look and let me know what you think: http://zurmo.org


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