Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows – Part 4 Configure PHP

This is fourth part in the “Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows” series.
For part 3 – configuring apache and installing composer click here.
For part 2 – installing xampp click here.
For part 1 – installing git click here.

Configure PHP

Intl already comes with XAMPP so we just need to edit the php settings

Find the row


and remove the ; so it reads


Save the file and stop and start apache
Go to (or reload the page)


Now the page should read

So just APC left. APC needs to be compiled so that we can use it and that is quite a job on a windows machine. But fortunately there are nice people who has done it and provides a link for us. So head over to and download a copy of APC. At the time of writing there are two versions to chooose from

The XAMMP I downloades and installed use php 5.4.7 so I will go with the second one (php -v to check version). Unzip all the files. In the unzipped dir you will find two folders with different versions of APC one nts and one ts. You need to select the correction version. Open up http://localhost:8080/xampp/phpinfo.php and have a look at Zend Extension Build. Mine reads


so I will go with the TS version. Copy it to


Open up the php.ini file and add the following line to the end of the file


Stop and start Apache… And guess what? We are done, you can now enjoy Symfony development in the comfort of your own home!

Happy hacking!

7 Responses to “Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows – Part 4 Configure PHP”

  1. Phil

    On XAMPP 1.8.1 I got this an error saying error saying that “icuuc46.dll” file is missing and need to install for intl extension to work. To solve it:

    -Go to [xampp_path]/php/
    – Select the following 3 files:
    1. icudt46.dll
    2. icuin46.dll
    3. icuuc46.dll

    – Copy
    – Paste the files in [xampp_path]/apache/bin folder.


  2. Jhon

    I’m using windows 8.1 I’ve done all the parts except php configuration.As you told I downloaded the apc and did as you told but it isn’t working .It gives me the same message
    Install and enable a PHP accelerator like APC (highly recommended).

    What should I do ??
    And your tutorial is awesome !!!

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