Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows – Part 3 Configure apache and installing composer

This is third part in the “Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows” series.
For part 4 – configuring php click here.
For part 2 – installing xampp click here.
For part 1 – installing git click here.

Start the XAMMP control panel.

As you can see there are already some applications running on port 80 and 443. And suprice suprice, both of them are skype. The easiest solution is to configure our web-server to run on port 8080 instead. To do click the config button on the apache line and choose “Apache (http.conf)”
There are two lines to update

Listen 80


ServerName localhost:80

change them to

Listen 8080


ServerName localhost:8080

and save the file.

Click on the start button om the same line as Apache

click on Allow Access.

Click start on the MySql and click allow access. So now we have Apache with php and mysql up and running.

Lets configure teh Path environments, open up the control panel and search for system.

Click on the “Edit the system environment variables” and then “Environment Variables”.

Select the Path line and click edit.

Check that the line contains something like

C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd

(C:\Program Files\Git\cmd for 32 bit systems)
and add


to the end of the line (; is a separator between the diffent paths) and click ok all the way and close the control-panel.
Open a command prompt window by searching for cmd and clicking it.

Test that you can run php by typing

php -v

you should get something similar to this:

Test that you can run git by typing

git --version

And you should get something simular to:

Close the command prompt.

Download the Windows composer installer from

Click next.

Check that the path is correct and click next.

Click next to begin the installation.

So all done. As you see it updated the path variable, so if you did not close it before go ahead and do it now. Open a new command window.

So now lets make a Symfony 2 Site. Go to c:\xampp\htdocs

cd c:\xampp\htdocs

Create a new project

composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition SymfonyTest/ 2.1.3

So now we have an installation of Symfony 2.1.3 up go to the url:


And you will be greeted by this screen:

Next up.. configure PHP..

7 Responses to “Install Symfony 2 development environment on windows – Part 3 Configure apache and installing composer”

  1. Mei

    Thanks for this guide, it’s very useful and I had everything running in minutes.

    I did have a minor problem when creating a new project, as I did not leave a space between the third and fourth argument, i.e. “SymfonyTest/ 2.1.2”.

  2. George

    Follow this tutorial for easy setup in windows

  3. Mikael Ohlsson

    Nice tutorial George. But people like also need to get git, composer, php etc set up properly (for any development enviroment) in my oppinion. Setting up an project in the IDE is the small thing 😉
    (please avoid posting multiple post just linking to your video)

  4. anon

    Before installing composer uncomment openssl in php.ini
    i.e. Change ;extension=php_openssl.dll to extension=php_openssl.dll in xampp/php/php.ini and restart apache

  5. Ingutia

    hallo after typing composer create- project ……………..Test/ 2.1.2 i had an error message “” file could not be downloaded

  6. Mikael Ohlsson

    Do not know the problem… make sure that its typed exactly like this (copy paste) and all on one line:

    composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition SymfonyTest/ 2.1.3

    Updated the text so that it is visible in one line and changed to version 2.1.3

  7. Abdullah

    thanx very much
    I have tired to install symfony untill find this

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