Joomla och Champoluc äventyr

Efter att utforma webbplatsen för Champoluc Adventures insåg jag att jag hade gjort något fel. Inget enkelt sätt för att uppdatera den. Alla uppdateringar måste göras av mig och för hand. Så istället för att genomföra enkel fleranvändar redigerar själv beslutade jag att ta en titt på alternativ med öppen källkod. Joomla looked mature so I decided to give it a try.

Installing Joomla:
Everything was pretty easy I just did one thing wrong. I installed the default Joomla content as recommended in the installer and sites all over the net. My recommendation is DO NOT DO IT! It is far to much content so it just confuses you. Väl… I did install it and then broke it…

So I cleared everything out (dropped the tables and cleared the directory and reinstalled it). That set me back one night (very slow connection to my server). The next day I started from scratch. Added the content from the first site. Found a template that I liked and modified. Installed multi language support. Installed a sideshow extension. Redesigned the logo to fit with the site (gonna redo it.. but it works fine for the time being).

The only problem I ran into was using content versioning. All the extensions i tried did not work with my provider I am on an old server and need to migrate to a newer since the one I use only provides php4.

So within 8 hours I got a working CMS that people other than me can edit with multi language support and a clean look. Within those 8 hours I also tried 4 different versioning extensions. I am never going back to writing websites by hand 🙂

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