The Onion Movie

If you have not heard or experienced the onion… I suggest that you head over to their site and have a look. They are the best suppliers of fake news ever. A lot of  their fake stories have made it into the normal news in all the world. They are childish, stupid, have a lot of imagination, all that you want for the worlds best fake news.

For any swedish readers the onion is what  “En ding ding värld” tried to be.
So now to the movie…. It is not anything I would recommend to anyone that is not already a fan of the onion. It is just as bad as I described above. But lets be true… fake news should be enjoyed one segment at the time… Not something to do a whole movie about. Still saying that I am impressed that they actually made a move that is not totally shit. A big hand to the writers and the director/directors.
So for all you onion fans have a look at imdb.
If you want to download the movie have a look here.

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