The new capitalism?

We, society should be governed/driven by the people who live in it.

The ideology is messed up in today’s society. Before it used to be that true capitalist believed in the survival of the strong/strongest. “A good company/person will survive and the bad would perish”. There is something beautiful about that way of thinking. I can understand from where that is coming.

Where have ideology gone in these days of crisis? If you are a true capitalist can you really take money from someone other than an owner? My guess is that people will always be whores for money…. Abandoning their beliefs. But what do that make them? A true capitalism or a socialist (or worse?).

My belief (and that have not changes with good or bad times) is that the market needs to be controlled. Pure greed can not rule a society not from the management nor the workers. But if I have to pick a side, it is for the workers. A society where most people are happy are better than a place where a few is eustatic.

A happy first of may for everyone (even if it is a bit late)

btw the flag is a joke if you did not get it!

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