The undemocratic democratcy

In Italy at the moment the democracy is put out of play. When one person control the mass media like Berlusconi the normality or the contry is put out of the game. I think no sane democratic person would argue with me that he controls most of the media in Italy and that he uses this position.

For most people in europe Silvio Berloscon is a joke. The only problem is that the joke have a lot of power in first of all Italy and then Italy as a country with a lot of power in the european unity. Without a free press there cant be a democratic election and in a normal country the politics and the media are not allowed to sleep together.
I hereby declare Italy a dictatorship. Silvio is a expert in controlling the media and playing the people of Italy. The question to be asked is not if he is a charismatic leader or a good leader. The question be asked is if a person that controls (by owing or by that the family controls/owns a major part of) the media, should he/she be able to run for government. And if I could have a saying that is defiantly no. If a person controls the media (and that should not be allowed) the person should not be allowed to run for government.
So according to me… and the things I have seen of Berlosconi… Italy nowadays is a dictatorship… And they have voted them selfe there..

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