Back in Champoluc

Finally back in good old Champoluc, it is great to be home :).

Have not been skiing anything yet. Did not wanted to pay full price for a skipass (it is halfprice if you work in Champoluc) . Have looked for some extra work and tomorrow I am going to wash the dishes at Le Roche Hotel so things are looking up. Might finally get my skipass.

I am still working for malmö university and have full time work untill end of january. After that I will work on a java course and hopefully get something more to do.

So what has happened in Champoluc then? Well like always nothing and alot. Henrik Lutman and Will was down on vacation during new years. Always fun when they are here. Great guys and Henrik can really play the guitar, hopefully they will come back during the season. Johan Root is back again after a year in the swedish military a great guy even though he is only 20 years :). I have borrowed the picture from his blog (hope that is ok), he always brings the camera so we are looking forward to some great photos this year. What more is there to say… Ski2 is here… Charlie (aka John Denver, aka Jonnie Cash) from alpresor is also back, another great guy. Ah yes…. Carl, the man the myth the legend is here this week… The coolest, happiest posh guy I have ever met, he always have a smile ready.

Well that was that.. See you soon!

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