Monthly Archives: January 2009


Have been sick this week. Are starting to feel better hopefully I will be cured by tomorrow. Started to write my Bachelor thesis at Blekinge tekniska högskola, to finish of my exam. Hopefully this will be something interesting for all computer geeks out there. Now I just have to decide what to write about, leaning… Read more »

Bob wars

We had the annual sledge competition last night. We met up in Atelier Grourmand for a drink and then som grappa, genepy och vinbrule at the slope. Unfortunatly we could not use the old spot for the competition but we found a great road in champoluc where we held the competition. Thanks to all 20+… Read more »


Bought my liftpass today and went up skiing with Anders, Johan and Das. Was nice, I went down a little early since I had some problems with my new skiboots. I am optimistic abouth the new boots though… It feels like I with the help of Hasse will sort them out soon 😉 Well need… Read more »

Back in Champoluc

Finally back in good old Champoluc, it is great to be home :). Have not been skiing anything yet. Did not wanted to pay full price for a skipass (it is halfprice if you work in Champoluc) . Have looked for some extra work and tomorrow I am going to wash the dishes at Le… Read more »