Monthly Archives: January 2008

My Exposé (Vista only)

One of the most usefull features (according to me) in OS X is Expose. It helps you to switch between applications fast and visually. Finally I have found a good clone for windows vista. As I usually do, I found the information on lifehacker (a great site), Download of the Day: My Exposé (Vista)

UIF to ISO converter? – Mac Forums

UIF to ISO converter? – Mac Forums: “There are no mac programs that can handle the UIF format as far as I know. The only FREE way I have figured out how to do it is: 1. Install X11 2. Install Darwine 3. Download MagicISO 4. Open Winehelper (it’s in the Darwine folder) 5. Using… Read more »

Apple – Mac OS X Leopard

So I finally installed OS X leopard on my mac. A very good upgrade that apple has made. The best things that I have noticed so far is time-machine, spaces and stacks. Not really something groundbreaking but they are implemented smoothly into the operating system. The worst thing then…. The new 3d dock, fortunately there… Read more »