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I have recently found out that in Italy in rality internet is defined as just as www pages… Nice… Basicly it is like this… Internet is more or less twice the price in sweden… You cant use anything but surfing (80 + 8080) and ftp (21). Well according to me internet is much more….

How come that a country with around 60 million people (even though they might have less people connected per capita) with about half the size of sweden is more expensive? According to me internet is everything.. if you offer a 2 mbit connection and people use it… accept that and raise the praise on the connection. Currently I use eden-network… Thank you for not offering me 20mbit for 8 euros more a month.รถ.. Thank god I cant use my 2 mbit connection too download anything……. Thank you.. and fuck you.. internet is not just www…. and if you offer a bandwidth and people use it 24/7 do not cry……. just raise the prices next year… But still … now I pay 32 euros a month for 2mbit which I cant use.. a year ago in sweden I payed 25 euros for 100 mbit up and down.. which I could use as I wanted….. The thing that I am saying is not that you should change the price… just let me use the bandwidth that I am paying for…. for f..ks sake… I haven’t seen any swedish company offering internet who has gone bankrupt yet.. (not anything national anyway) And open up all the ports… if you are offering 2.5mbit for surfing and 0.03 for everything else……… just close your sick stupid business… and start to suck cock.. I respect a good cock sucker… but not a business based on a lie..

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