Monthly Archives: November 2007

Got a response today: Sig. Ohlsson, non è normale e non è permanente, riferirò al tecnico che la chiamerà al più presto, comunque scusi per il disagio. Con l’occasione porgiamo, Distinti saluti. So hopefully something will happen soon. Still slow though.

Posted this message today (or actually yesterday since we just passed midnight): “Dear sir/madam this is the 5th mail I have sent within a week without any responses. Since I have now been capped at 35kbps I have som questions: Will this be permanent? And could I please have a reason why I was capped…. Read more »


Got a broadband connection in Champoluc about a week ago. Yihaaa! Welcome to the 20th century! Well the reason why I am writing is that it is f**king sh*t. I do not have my own ip (its shared) which actually would not be that much of a problem but they slow down everything but surfing… Read more »