Eden Network

A (probably the) technician from eden network came here yesterday.. It turns out the reason why I was capped where exactly the reasons I thought I was….. I used my 2Mbit connection for more than surfing and reading emails.. Weird that they could not answer that over mail or phone.. (It turns out their sys-op has a bad knee and is not at the office for another two weeks and is working from home… Well who cares… deal with it…. I am a customer dont lie to me.. tell me it or say that you cant at the moment).. Anyhow… now I am back to decent speed still all ports are capped but the most “normal ones” (read mail and http).. But I am afraid to get capped at the lousy speed I had before…. So.. let hope I can get a new contract from them… that allows using the internet for anything but surfing…

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