Got a broadband connection in Champoluc about a week ago. Yihaaa! Welcome to the 20th century!

Well the reason why I am writing is that it is f**king sh*t. I do not have my own ip (its shared) which actually would not be that much of a problem but they slow down everything but surfing the web, email and untill today they allowed downloading from ftp (if it was on port 21) with a decent speed (3Mbit+). But since I used all the bandwidth that I could for a couple of days, I am now capped at <250kbps for everything (without any notice or warning). I have tried to send emails to them and they have not responded (even on some other questions I asked about 5 days ago). So if you would like to be able to download your mail in 3mbit+ you are welcome to eden-network, but if you want to do anything else (playing games like eve-online or world of warcraft for example (they are capped by default)) they will strangle the speed under what is written in the contract.

Don’t you just love internet providers that you pay an installation fee/start fee for 225 euros and a monthly fee of 32 euros that starts to fuck with you within the first week?

Yihaaa… sent them a new email today when I realized they have singled me out my friend (Kenn) still has around 2Mbit in download. Perhaps they will be nice to me and let me download my mails super fast….

I’ll keep you posted…. or not… perhaps I will get cut off…

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