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An excellent introduction to windows communication foundation can be found here:

Eden Network

A (probably the) technician from eden network came here yesterday.. It turns out the reason why I was capped where exactly the reasons I thought I was….. I used my 2Mbit connection for more than surfing and reading emails.. Weird that they could not answer that over mail or phone.. (It turns out their sys-op… Read more »

Where is Northwind?

Ever needed the Northwind or another of the sample databases for SQL server just to be able to try out that example code on msdn (or somewhere else)? They can be downloaded here. (Remember to select the right version to download)

Drag and drop within a FlowLayoutPanel

I needed to be able to use drag and drop within a FlowLayoutPanel for the rent program I am currently working on. Was a hard nut to crack (basicly beacuse I was stupid and there where slim to none information on how to do exactly this). Further down there are a rough (need to be… Read more »